est Neighborhoods for Families in Richmond, B.C.

When you’re moving to a new city with your family, one of the biggest challenges is deciding on the best neighborhood. 

Families moving to a new location need to take into account many factors, including:  

  • Housing affordability 
  • Housing type and style 
  • Convenience 
  • Quality of schools
  • Neighborhood safety

Here’s some information you might like to know if you’re considering moving to Richmond, B.C.  

About Richmond, B.C. 

The City of Richmond is ideal for families looking to live close to schools, services, restaurants, shops, and the City of Vancouver. 

It has a population of 213,474 (around 1,593 people per square kilometer) and a total of 48 neighborhoods. Parents Magazine named it as one of the top ten cities for families in 2014.

Urban living can be fun, but if you’ve got a family to raise, it’s sometimes nice to consider moving to a laid-back suburban area that’s a step back from the hectic city life. 

If you’re planning to move to Richmond, B.C., read on to learn more about the different neighborhoods around the city center. 

Steveston, B.C.

The historic seaside community of Steveston, once an old Japanese fishing village, is now the port for Canada’s largest fishing fleet of over 600 vessels. 

Steveston is a short walk to the community center, the huge playground, the library, the water park, a pool, the Fraser River, and views of the river delta and ocean. There are plenty of beaches and parks nearby to enjoy British Columbia’s spectacular nature. 

Steveston Village has a scenic boardwalk, waterfront parks, museums, and heritage markers that draw tourists and locals alike. Top-rated dining spots, shops, playgrounds, parks, beach access, bike routes and other amenities add to its historic appeal.


Brighouse is located in Richmond’s City Center. The community offers various options for attached housing, basic condos, hotels and high-rise luxury penthouses. Properties here are lower-priced than those in nearby Vancouver, making it an excellent neighborhood for first-time homebuyers looking to live in a city center.

Terra Nova

The Terra Nova neighborhood in northwest Richmond is a combination of detached homes, condominiums, and townhomes. Its multi-sport family facility boasts soccer fields, badminton courts, ice rinks and a fitness complex. 

Bird-watchers, dog walkers, aircraft spotters, and nature lovers will love everything that Terra Nova has to offer.


Just minutes away from the new and stylish Rivergreen Waterfront Community, Granville is high on the list of northwest Richmond’s affluent neighborhoods. Luxurious, stately homes, as well as condominiums and townhomes, now occupy the large lots where the original houses once stood.  


Families from the city will find the sought-after Seafair neighborhood both convenient and tranquil at the same time. Broad thoroughfares and safe streets further enhance this hiker and birdwatcher’s paradise. The neighborhood includes all types of residential housing like condominium complexes, townhomes and single-family homes.


Townhomes, condominiums, as well as single and deluxe family homes can be found in Broadmoor. The abundance of green space and walkways complement adult and children’s activities, including basketball, an outdoor seasonal pool, water slides and outdoor tennis courts.


The Shellmont neighborhood offers the best of nature and urban life. While local shops and services are available, Shellmont residents are only a few minutes away from the great shopping, restaurants and karaoke bars that downtown Richmond offers.

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