Our interior painters delivers quality work every time – whether it’s painting just a few rooms or your entire house.

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Call our exterior home painters experts for beauty and weather protection that endures.

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Top Rated Maple Ridge Painting Services

Tall Guy Painting gives an impressive look and lasting protection to your Maple Ridge home. Our painting services give your home an impressive look and lasting protection inside and outside. We are a highly-skilled team of painters managed by third-generation painter Jeff Girard.

Tall Guy Painting is the go-to company when you want a reliable painting job from start to finish. Wether it’s Port Hammond, Alouette Valley, Haney, Webster’s Corners, Silver Valley, Yennadon, Whonnock, Ruskin, or any other neighborhoods in Maple Ridge know the quality and experience we put in every job we do.

The Tall Guy Painting Process Produces Quality Results

Our tried and true painting system enables us to achieve the best results. We use only the best painting materials for your home to give it beauty and enduring weather protection.

The materials we use are non-toxic and guaranteed environment-friendly. Our minimally-scented paints will not cause allergies or other health issues in your newly-painted home. You get excellent results with the combination of our professional painting system and top-quality products.

Tall Guy Painting has developed a thorough multi-stage painting process for all outdoor or indoor painting jobs we do. Every stage of the process is backed by our years of experience in the business – from surface preparation to paint application until your final inspection of our work, including touch-ups. Few painters can match this commitment to excellence.

Our Simple and Straightforward Pricing System

Many people mistakenly think that hiring a professional Maple Ridge painter is not withing reach of their budget. They instead sacrifice quality work by settling for a handyman, students or other non-professional painters who’ll do the job for less pay.

The reality is our pricing is still very reasonable and is better value when measured against the long lasting quality of you paint job and the service you will receive.

Our pricing simple and straightforward – no fine print or hidden fees there to mislead you. You can rest easy knowing your investment is in competent hands.

We Make You Feel Secure and Comfortable with Our Service

We treat your home like it was ours. Cleanliness and neatness are values we strictly observe wherever we work. You can therefore feel relaxed and secure knowing that our professionals are on the job.

It’s your house and you want to make it look stunning and tough against the elements. We keep you informed during our planning and painting stages.

We keep your preference and expectations in mind, and make sure to involve you at every stage of our work. We can recommend paint colours and combinations without forgetting your first choices.

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Services We Offer

Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting

We can paint a few rooms or your entire house. Depend on our experienced painters to give the interior of your house a fresh and brand-new look. Trust Jeff Girard’s Tall Guy Painting team to transform your home’s interior into a visually-striking living space.

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Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painting Ladner

Unfortunately, the climate in the Lower Mainland is tough on homes. Extreme temperature variations, moisture and UV rays all play a role in deteriorating an exterior paint coating. Tall Guy Painting is well versed in what it takes to make an exterior paint job last.

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Because indoor and outdoor strata and restoration projects are big tasks, they should be handled only by experienced painting specialists like those at Tall Guy Painting. We offer a wide range of top-quality painting services for our strata customers all across British Columbia.

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A building’s exterior must be suitably prepared for a beautiful outdoor paint job to last. We can do that. We can also repair or replace damaged gables, facia, stucco, siding, and other features or structures. Tall Guy Painting has you covered.

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Warehouse / Commercial Painting

Warehouse Painting - Tall Guy Painting

Properly maintaining the look of your warehouse or industrial facility reflects well on you and your business. It develops trust in your customers. Since first impressions matter, your industrial facilities need to create a strong impact on customers every time. Tall Guy Painting makes it happen!

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