Q: What services does Tall Guy Painting provide?

A: We are a full service interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting company. we can paint whatever is on your house from siding and trim to fascia, decks and fences. as well as provide fascia/ trim repair and replacement. inside, we paint walls ceilings, doors, baseboard and trim etc…

Q: How long does a paint job last?

A: There is no such thing as a lifetime paint job. Paint and caulk will break down eventually due to UV rays and our wet climate, however, with proper surface preparation and the application of quality paints an exterior finish can last 8 to 12 years.

Q: Tell me about the estimation process.

A: We like to spend a reasonable amount of time with our customers to find out their exact needs and wants. It takes about an hour to design an estimate that is accurate and tailored specifically for you and yes we can present the bid broken down to specific areas or options.

Q: Will the estimate change?

A: No. spending the time doing an accurate estimate allows us to know the exact scope of work and cost. The estimate is valid for the season.

Q: When can you provide me with an estimate?

A: We like to provide customers with detailed bid, and are very flexible as to when. We can estimates in the morning, during the day, evenings and weekends.

Q: Explain the painting process with Tall Guy Painting

A: If it’s an exterior job your house will already have been powerwashed prior to the first day of work. We then go ahead and scrape away anyway loose, cracked , failing paint. We prime any bare wood, rust or any surfaces with potential adhesion problems or bleed through. Next, we caulk (using a 50 year elastomeric caulk) nailholes, gaps, wood seems – anywhere moisture could penetrate.

Afterwards we we reattach or repair and loose siding, trim etc… we can also install new siding , fascia trim if needed.

Another thing we do is mask off any area that is not being painted, like soffits, roofs or vehicles.
we then apply the paint by brush, roller, or sprayer depending on the surface.

We work consecutive days with a crew of 3 to 4 painters. After the paint is complete the crew walks around with the manager to do any touchups, etc… Then the manager walks around with the clients and makes any adjusts required.

Q: What makes Tall Guy Painting different?

A: Lots of things make us different below are a few:

  1. We only have experienced painters in our crew (not students or “casual labourers”)
  2. We offer a worry free estimate guarantee. We will never charge you more than our original estimate quote.
  3. We don’t cut corners with prep… Prep is everything with painting and while most paint contractors say they will do proper prep… many will cut corners during this part of the job to save money… we don’t cut corners… we take pride in our prep because it’s essential to making your paint job look good and last.
  4. Our Pricing. We provide great work at an affordable price.
  5. Our service. Referrals are our main source of new business… customers refer us because of the quality and value of our work.