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Properly maintaining your warehouse or industrial facility reflects well on how you manage your business, developing confidence and trust in your clients. Because initial impressions count, your facility needs to create a positive visual impact at every opportunity. Tall Guy Painting make sure it does!

Our Commercial Painting Services

Tall Guy Painting offers excellent interior and exterior industrial painting services. We pride in providing our clients superior job performance in a safe working environment. Whether you’re brightening up a small office or giving your entire facility a full repaint, Tall Guy Painting offers you the best and most affordable solutions for warehouse painting job you have in mind.

Our courteous and approachable painters reduce workplace disturbances so your warehouse stays fully operational during the painting process. What’s more, we don’t take safety rules lightly. Our workers observe industry safety procedures in all of our painting projects.

Our painters report to work punctually, finish their scheduled task for the day, and leave the workplace clean and orderly. Our painters are mindful of the project’s completion date and aim to finish before the deadline even if they have to work overtime or double shifts.

Signs Your Facility May Need Repainting

Industrial coating systems last longer than conventional paint. However, the life span and maintenance of industrial coatings in your warehouse is determined by particular factors and conditions applying to each facility. Apart from considering how these elements negatively affect the life span of industrial coatings, a painting contractor examines these factors before recommending the appropriate repainting procedure. You warehouse may need repainting due to:

Deteriorating surfaces. Some signs which show your warehouse could use new paint include:

  • Minute cracks on the surface
  • Chips and cracks in the caulking
  • The formation of a powdery deposit on the surface
  • Flaking
  • Peeling paint
  • Paint losing its color

Paint coatings breaking down. After some time, a coating will show signs of worsening conditions due to temperature extremes, exposure to industrial chemicals, pollutants, and humidity. These signs include cracking, peeling, and a gradual loss of color.

Floor surface markings wearing out. Deteriorating surface markings on a warehouse floor can compromise workers’ safety and reduce a facility’s visual appeal. This applies such to hazard and aisle indicators as well.

Rusting or corroding metal surfaces.

Water infiltration. Water and moisture inside walls usually result in widespread water damage and bring unwanted effects like premature fading of paint, cold spots, and mold.


You simply want a new and fresh look for your facility.

Contact Us for an Assessment of Your Facility

Contact us to schedule an on-site visit so we can understand how your warehouse operates. From there, we can help you determine your warehouse painting requirements, preferences, and expectations.

We will then give you an outline of how the painting job will be performed and give you a free quote plus competitive rates. After the plan is finalized, we can schedule a date that works best for you.

Tall Guy Painting will stay in constant contact with you throughout the painting process to assure you we are finishing the job in conformity with your requirements, timetable, and budget. We will help you manage your warehouse painting project efficiently and free up more of your time to concentrate on your business.

Call us today at (778) 683-5397 for your warehouse painting needs. Email jeff@tallguypainting.ca or fill out the quick contact form here.