Best Types of Exterior House Paint in Canada

Exterior paint is specially formulated to protect your home and ensure that the paint lasts. 

It’s made to ensure: 

  •    Colour and luster retention
  •    Elasticity to resist contraction and expansion due to weather
  •    Mildew prevention

Some essential factors need to be considered when choosing the best exterior paint colour for your house.

The type of paint you’ll use for exterior painting will depend on the type of surface to be painted – vinyl, wood, aluminum, stucco, or masonry – as well as the type of finish you desire. 

Latex Versus Oil Exterior House Paint  

Exterior house paints fall under two classifications – latex or oil /alkyd – with each having unique properties.

Latex paints retain their finish and gloss for a long time. Latex paints like those made by Sherwin-Williams are very durable, quick-drying, and easy to work with. They easily get cleaned up with soap and water.

Oil / alkyd-based paints by Sherwin-Williams are great for exterior trim. They are stain-resistant, highly durable, and adhere thoroughly.  

Best Types of Exterior House Paint

Paints for Weather and UV Protection

Generally, weather and ultraviolet resistance are major benefits that single out the quality of one paint from another. Apart from advanced weather protection, superior quality paints have better contraction and expansion properties, improved adhesion, and the ability to resist dirt, wind-driven rain, and mildew.

Dulux Diamond 100% acrylic exterior paint is created to withstand the constantly changing Canadian weather. It is dirt-resistant and provides cutting-edge UV protection to keep exterior colours looking always new for many years. 

Latex paints like Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior Paint and Regal Select Exterior High Build Paint are popular choices for exterior painting work. They are resistant to the sun’s rays and won’t easily fade like oil-based paints. 

Dulux Weatherguard is a top-quality 100% acrylic/latex exterior paint formulated for coating most exterior surfaces. It is easy to apply, cures quickly, and provides a long-lasting, smooth finish for excellent weather protection.

Paints Containing Primer

You can choose to either use a separate primer or a paint formulated with primer.

Primer is used to conceal imperfections and to cover up dark or bright colors. It prevents the development of rust and inhibits the absorption of subsequent layers of paint. 

If you prefer paint and primer in one product, Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex delivers both performance and protection against the elements. This formulation applies smoothly, has excellent adhesion, and resists peeling and fading.   

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