Exterior Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Which exterior house colour schemes will trend in 2023? We think these colours are the best of the best from the collections of leading colour experts.

The Top Exterior House Colours from Benjamin Moore for 2023


Benjamin Moore’s Nightfall is a great option for those who want a moody, dark exterior paint hue. Dark and evocative of nightfall, this charcoal gray has an LRV of 6.36 with some blue undertones.

Wood, brick, and stone are examples of natural building materials that go great with Nightfall. Its depth draws attention to the layers in modern homes. However, this tone can help to anchor façades made of a variety of different materials.

Similar paint colours are Sherwin Williams’ Perle Noir and Behr’s Night Club.

Regent Green

Taking things a shade darker, we come across Regent Green. This paint colour has an LRV of 4.19, which in some lighting conditions can make it virtually black. Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, describes iRegent Green as a dark, subdued pine green with jewel-like blue tones that brings out the blues and greens that are naturally present in stone.

Grant Beige

Beige is returning, as we’ve stated repeatedly in the past. For homes searching for a mid-range neutral with depth and warmth, it’s a terrific option. Because of its adaptability, Grant Beige is a particular choice of our experienced exterior designers. It features an equal mixture of beige and gray tones with a little undertone of green. Grant Beige, utilized as a field colour on modern dwellings, balances out all the square edges with warmth and lightness.

Similar paint colours are Sherwin Williams’ Cargo Pants and Behr’s Yuma Sand.

Similar tones are Behr’s Obsidian Stone and Sherwin Williams’ Mountain Fig.

Bear Creek

One of our top picks for earthy neutral exterior house colours in 2023 is Bear Creek. It has a pronounced smoky brown undertone and is deep, rich, and woodsy. Bear Creek adds warmth to a modern exterior that features many industrial details.

Similar shades are Dulux’s Granite and Behr’s Burnished Pewter.

November Rain

This year’s most popular exterior house colour is quite a chameleon. November Rain sometimes appears to be an off-white execution. It is, however, a pale gray with faint green undertones. In some layouts, it makes November Rain appear to be a pure neutral because the reds and purples in the house counteract any green.

Closest matches are Sherwin Williams’ Oyster White and Behr’s Alpine Frost.


With an LRV of 42.18, Fieldstone is a nice organic neutral that falls within the mid-range. It has a noticeable earthy green undertone and a lot of depth. Fieldstone is one of our top exterior house colours for 2023 since it can be used practically anywhere. We adore it for fields, and it can even be gorgeous on brick. On traditional dwellings, it imparts a comforting warmth.

Similar tones are Sherwin Williams’ Folkstone and Dulux’s Fieldstone.

Westcott Navy

Westcott Navy, one of our favorite blue exterior home colours, is a timeless colour that works beautifully for modernized traditional exteriors. The deep blue of Westcott Navy shows through when combined with light and/or bright design components. But when combined with even darker colours, Westcott Navy can read as a darker gray.

Closest matches are Sherwin Williams’ Pussywillow and Behr’s Laid Back Gray.

Mohegan Sage

Neutral colours will always have a role in exterior design, there is no doubt about that, but we adore the moment green is in right now. Moreover, Mohegan Sage is stunning. Benjamin Moore called this colour “malleable” for a reason; it works well on Craftsman-style homes, Victorians, and modern cabins alike.

Closest matches are Sherwin Williams’ Hidden Trail and Behr’s Night Mission.

The Best Exterior House colours for 2023 from Sherwin Williams


Andiron by Sherwin Williams is not getting much attention today, but we predict that will change in 2023. The LRV of this dark complex neutral is 5. We see it as a rich shade of olive green with a noticeable brown undertone and all the coziness of its namesake; it looks stunning next to a crackling fire. Both traditional and contemporary homes look gorgeous with Andiron. It pairs well with popular wood and stone cladding alternatives as well as notably challenging red brick and black or white trim.

Similar shades are Benjamin Moore’s River Rock and Behr’s Off Broadway.

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is a fitting moniker. This nice warm greige is just that. It works on almost any texture and with both light and dark accents. It has an LRV of 60, making it a lighter mid-range hue. It will give your curb appeal a warm and welcoming touch whether you use it as a field colour or an accent.

Similar shades are Benjamin Moore’s Rodeo and Dulux’s Whiskers.


With an LRV of 4, Inkwell is glaringly dark. Its strong blue undertone, though, gives this colour the appearance of being more like a deep charcoal than a black. We adore it in all kinds of applications since it is somber and dramatic.

Comparable shades are Benjamin Moore’s Black Knight and Behr’s Limousine Leather.

Universal Khaki

Warm and rich – that’s Universal Khaki from Sherwin Williams. Other warm design components like walnut-stained wood features and off-white trim go well with it. We adore how it appears in monochromatic home exteriors.

Similar tones are Dulux’s Prairie Dust and Behr’s Open Canyon.

Mountain Road

Mountain Road is the next exterior house colour with a green undertone that will be popular in 2023. It’s a wonderful, earthy neutral with a strong depth (LRV of 23). Mountain Road appears light and airy when combined with striking white components. As part of a darker colour scheme with blacks, dark woods, and copper tones, it can also feel cozier and richer.

Similar paint colours are Benjamin Moore’s Tweed Coat and Behr’s Mossy Oak.


The lovely blue-gray colour of Software gives any house a light, seaside feel. To bring out its warmth, we adore accenting Software with wood and copper.

Similar shades are Benjamin Moore’s Englewood Cliffs and Behr’s Legendary Gray.

Dover White

After applying Dover White by Sherwin Williams for a good two years, we’ve chosen to recognize it as one of the top exterior home colours of 2023. Dover White by Sherwin Williams was on our list of the finest warm white paint colours of 2021. Dover White is airy and creamy, soothing and calming, and it almost always exudes coziness.

Similar shades are Dulux’s Vanilla Tan and Behr’s Papier Blanc.

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