Considering Hiring Cheap Painters in Vancouver? You May Reconsider After These Horror Stories

It takes effort to paint and it’s messy, too. The ability to paint well demands a trained eye and a steady hand, which is most vital. You need to hire a qualified, licensed, and insured painter to perform the job, whether you want to repaint your home’s interior or exterior.

A professional should provide dependable and high-quality service. Because of this, a Vancouver painting contractor should be licensed in order to ensure that your house is painted expertly. For any renovation project, it can be tempting to choose the offer with the lowest cost. Should you simply compare prices and choose the one that’s least expensive?

We advise against it. Going with the cheapest offer from an unlicensed and uninsured painting firm may prove to be more expensive in the long run. Here are a few actual horror stories that demonstrate why:

Story #1

An inexpensive painting contractor was suggested by a local paint shop to a couple. The painter, who claimed to be licensed, offered a fair price in exchange for client references. Arriving two days later than scheduled, the painter only spent half a day on preparation work.

Halfway through the painting job, the painter said that he needed more time and had misjudged the project while still painting. The painter quit a day later and left without finishing the project.

The painted areas that were finished lacked detail, quality, or consistency. It was discovered that the painter was unlicensed after a complaint was made to the CSLB.

Story #2

One particular painter appeared to have a monopoly over a residential community. To boot, he offered incredible deals! Prospective client discovered that he was booked out for a few months, costing roughly $2,000 per house, and painting about three houses every week.

 In a nearby paint store, the client learned the dreadful news. The painter fled and made off with the deposits from the residents!

Story #3

A couple chose a well-known paint firm after looking up references and online reviews. They expected the project to be finished in two to three weeks, but it actually took five.

Due to a lack of paint, the clients had to spend more. They were unaware that the painters didn’t have proper licensing.

All of the hardware, woodwork, doors, new hardwood floors, etc. had been badly damaged. They performed shoddy work, leaving things broken or missing, and they improperly prepped the large house. They covered up drywall grit, filth, etc. with caulk and paint. All of the doors, built-in drawers, and specialty shutters were left outside in the rain before being lightly spray painted and stacked.

They were fired at this stage because they did nothing to improve the situation; instead, they made it worse. Clients also learnt that the company’s manager is a felon who is currently on parole. Out of fear, clients decided not to seek damages.

What to Look for in a Reliable Painter

House painting is a project that must be done correctly the first time, whether it’s intricate inside work or a complete repainting of your home’s exterior. However, there are dozens of painting companies to select from, making it difficult to choose the best one. So, here are some criteria to consider while choosing a reputable painter.

  • Referrals from family, friends, and neighbors
  • Favorable online reviews
  • Successful responses to interview questions
  • An active participant in any professional associations.
  • Must be bonded, insured, and licensed.
  • The willingness to provide assurances or warranties.

Why You Strongly Consider Hiring Professionally-Licensed Painters

  • Expert painters bring years of expertise and experience to the table, from assessing the current state to thorough preparation and two-coat finish.
  • Painting specialists can advise you on the appropriate paint and finish for your unique situation because they are familiar with which paint goes where.
  • Expert painters can assist you in creating a completely new color scheme or in helping you select colors that go well with the spaces you already have.
  • Professional painters are aware that good surface preparation is a prerequisite for starting a great project. They take the time to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface, ensuring that your paint will adhere effectively and withstand the stresses of daily living.
  • A painter is dedicated to getting every last detail just right. The job is clean, neat, and professional throughout—from the initial preparation to the final brushstroke.

You Can Have Peace of Mind with Our Service

When you choose Tall Guy Painting, you can be sure that your house painting project will be successfully completed.

We are a highly regarded and trustworthy painting company with many years of experience. Call us right away at (778) 683-5397 to discuss your upcoming painting project.

The extra cash that you invest on a professionally-licensed painter will be worth it ultimately.

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