Is it a good idea to paint a house exterior white?

Absolutely! You can definitely go for a white house exterior.

White is always a classic choice: fresh, timeless, and gives any home a beautiful focal point. Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off your awesome landscaping, brickwork, or other architectural features.

White delivers a sharp and immaculate initial impact on residential exteriors. It boasts a versatile quality that enables it to complement numerous architectural styles, be it traditional, modern, or vernacular, among several others.

Before beginning our discussion, we realize that many neighborhoods have houses that are, colour-wise, in harmony with each other. In some neighborhoods where associations exist, colour choices may be dictated. We can work with that, making your house stand out while keeping good relations with your friends and neighbors.

The Benefits of Using White Paint Colour for Home Exteriors

One advantage of selecting white for your home’s exterior is its aesthetic appeal. While it may appear simplistic, it is a classic colour that transcends trends and adds a timeless quality to the appearance of your home. Additionally, white provides an ideal foundation for architectural features such as window frames, doors, and shutters.

When compared to other colours, white is less prone to fading. Therefore, it has a longer lifespan and helps maintain a fresh appearance for your home’s exterior.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of utilizing white for your home’s exterior is its higher albedo, a measure of reflectiveness. That high reflectivity results in a cooler home. This feature is particularly useful for those living in warmer areas, as it promotes sustainability by reducing the need for excessive electricity to cool your home.

Modern white house exterior paint colours

Here are some recommendations for modern white house exterior paint colours:

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Snowbound is a highly sought-after white paint colour that may appear surprising to some, as it is not pure white, but rather an off-white. Its subtle colour variation adds an intriguing depth and warmth to your walls. This cool white hue contains a subtle gray undertone, which harmonizes beautifully alongside other gray-influenced colours. Its versatility earns it praise as it emulates a tranquil winter wonderland.

Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Considered one of the most sought-after white paint colours in the market, Pure White boasts unparalleled versatility and flexibility in terms of its various applications in interiors and exteriors. Although not a true white, it possesses a gentle, subdued warmth without appearing too creamy, unlike other white shades. This makes Pure White ideal for walls, trims, cabinets, and even exterior siding.

Notably, like any white colour, Pure White can easily reflect and absorb hues from its surroundings. For instance, a vibrant red couch could emit a faint pink hue when juxtaposed with Pure White walls while landscaping and greenery could subtly influence the colour’s undertone.

Oyster White by Sherwin Williams

Oyster White is a well-known paint colour that often draws comparisons to other popular white shades like Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Shoji White. Despite its status in a crowded category of “perfect whites”, Oyster White distinguishes itself with its unique placement in the Sherwin Williams Finest Whites & Neutrals Collection.

While classified as an off-white colour, the paint’s underlying tones set it apart, with shades of green, gray, and beige shining through. As a warm white option, Oyster White proves ideal for exterior applications, where it maintains its brightness and depth. In interiors, it may appear slightly gray next to a bright white trim – a factor to consider when selecting a paint colour.

Nuance by Sherwin Williams

The subtle green undertone of this bright and cool white hue lends it a refined and elegant touch, appealingly fitting for a study or master bedroom. Identified as Nuance SW 7049, it boasts a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 74.28% and belongs to the class of Off-White hues that are highly reflective of light, both visible and serviceable. The LRV of a painted surface estimates the degree of light that bounces off it.

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove is a gently warm white hue that does not lean too heavily towards being overly creamy or yellow. While this may be perceived subjectively, it is certainly softer than a true white and not an off-white colour. What makes White Dove stand out is its ability to blend seamlessly with various colours, owing to its subtle gray undertones.

White Dove is a versatile option that works well with a range of styles and accent colours. When used as a trim colour, it imparts a clean look without coming across as overly crisp or stark, which is often the case with shades like Sherwin William’s Extra White.

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace displays a close resemblance to pure white, with a subtle hint of blue that provides a refreshing and crisp touch, without appearing excessively sharp or stark in appearance. Its soft and fresh texture beautifully complements the marble vanity top in the master bathroom as well as the whites of the toilet, shower tile, and tub.

As per Benjamin Moore’s depiction, Chantilly Lace is a delicate and sophisticated shade, evoking images of pure silk, soft linen, and timeless elegance.

Whisper White by Behr

Behr Whisper White stands out as the finest white paint shade for individuals seeking a white tone that exudes freshness, cleanliness, and a slightly warm ambiance. It presents greater intricacy than a neutral white colour, such as Behr Ultra Pure White, while remaining more streamlined compared to Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Whisper White is ideal for persons looking to create a white wall in their residence that does not appear too austere or chilly. Moreover, its high LRV promotes a vibrant and spacious feel within your space.

Swiss Coffee by Behr

Swiss Coffee by Behr is a highly favored white paint option, boasting a creamy, warm off-white hue that is barely noticeable on walls. As expected of most off-whites, hints of yellow undertones can be detected, but Swiss Coffee leans more towards a beige appearance rather than flaunting an excessive yellow tint. This shade is a safe choice for wall painting, as it avoids imposing a bold yellow colour that could potentially aggravate occupants.

Vivid White by Dulux

Vivid White presents a pristine, unblemished white shade that is ideal for achieving a sleek and modern appearance. Its versatility makes it the ultimate option for interior walls and trims, as well as for exterior accents like fretwork and window frames. The vibrant clarity of Vivid White illuminates any area and elevates it to a luxurious and contemporary ambiance.

Natural White by Dulux

The colour white is a practical design choice as it increases the perception of natural light in the house, provides an illusion of a more spacious room, and acts as a neutral backdrop to complement various interior design styles. Among the different shades of white, Natural White stands out as the most versatile option, suitable for both new and old properties, and traditional and modern homes.

In particular, Natural White is ideal for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s appeal for resale, as it is easy to complement with fresh plants and light-coloured furnishings.

Casper White Quarter Paint by Dulux

The well-known white paint hue with a lengthy name stands out from its counterparts due to the subtle infusion of a yellow tint, which prevents it from appearing excessively yellow, especially when exposed to natural light. Some attribute this effect to a delicate gray undertone, whereas others discern a nuanced green-blue hue.

White on White by Dulux

Dulux White on White features subtle blue-grey undertones, offering a cool and refreshing shade of white that effortlessly complements a variety of warmer colours, tones, and furnishings. This versatile colour choice is perfect for modern homes with concrete or timber flooring, as well as hard surface areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

By pairing White on White with natural timbers, blush-toned furniture, and vibrant greenery, you can introduce warmth and texture to your space. Additionally, this colour can be used to draw attention to architectural features such as skirting and architraves, creating a striking contrast against darker walls.

Best exterior trim colours for white houses

Let’s explore some of the most popular exterior trim colours for white houses that are sure to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal:


Black possesses an ageless quality and enduring appeal that exudes an air of finesse and elegance. It also conveys a feeling of openness and grandeur.


When used as siding or trim, Gray can create a striking contrast against the white exterior, resulting in a visually appealing effect. It is a versatile hue that can be employed to achieve a diverse range of looks, from light and breezy to intense, depending on your preference.


In wooded areas, Green is an excellent choice that complements the natural surroundings and imparts a modern touch.


Blue is a refreshing and cool tone that brings contrast and vibrancy to your white abode.


If you seek to create a warm, conventional ambiance, Brown is a great earthy colour to spruce up your white house.

The exterior trim of white houses can also be complemented by other colours such as navy, tan, coral, yellow, and red.

Before finalizing the trim colour, various aspects such as the style of the house, the surrounding landscape, and the desired effect should be taken into account.

Should I paint my exterior house white?

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to paint your house exterior white is up to you. If you love the look of white houses, then go for it. White is a great option if you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and versatile colour. However, if you’re worried about dirt and wear, or if you want a more dramatic or colourful look, then you may want to consider other options.

What are the disadvantages of white exterior paint?

One major drawback of using white for home exteriors is the upkeep required to maintain its pristine appearance. Compared to darker hues, white paint necessitates more frequent repainting.

To minimize maintenance, experts recommend regularly cleaning your walls. A suitable approach consists of either removing stains with soap and water or utilizing a garden hose or high-pressure water spray to eliminate dirt.

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