Kitchen painting & colour trends 2023

Do you want to spruce up your kitchen with a new coat of paint but aren’t sure what colour to go with? You’ve come to the right place! To help you choose the ideal colour for your home interior, we’ve compiled the best kitchen painting and colour trends for 2023.

Colour has a strong impact on style, mood, and sense of space, so choosing it properly is vital. A fresh coat of paint can completely remodel your kitchen, and selecting the hue may be a deciding element in its makeover.

While it’s essential that your kitchen looks current, it’s also critical that the colour you pick has lasting power and isn’t just a fleeting trend. We have you covered whether you choose a loud and vibrant colour or something more subtle. So, keep reading to find out which colours are popular right now and get started on your kitchen revamp immediately!

What are the new kitchen colours for 2023?

We asked colour experts to predict which kitchen colours will be popular in 2023, and the overwhelming majority was nature-inspired hues. Look for an abundance of dark greens, warm neutrals, and a flush of soft pink.

Warm Earth Shades

While the nature-inspired greens and blues that accompanied the all-white kitchen trend continue to provide a sense of renewal and relaxation, browns and reds provide a cozier option to brights and neutrals with cooler undertones.

Not sure if you’re ready to ditch your cool shades in favor of warmer tones? Follow your intuition – choose a paint color that you like and then ask for some expert opinions on it. 

Deep Green

This deep hue evokes a dark, obscured woodland, developing a sense of closeness to nature. According to colour experts, dark green would look great in a modern urban kitchen and will also add character to a more rural farmhouse type kitchen. While it may appear to be ‘on trend’ at the moment, it has enough integrity to survive the test of time.

Beige Blush

Homeowners want to feel warm and comfortable in their homes. A beige blush colour may change the kitchen, the heart of the home, into a warm and welcoming but lively hangout spot. Colour experts recommend using it with other neutrals and earthy materials to get a relaxing and harmonizing effect.

Comforting Neutrals

According to paint colour experts, neutrals like white, cream, grey, and greige will be popular in 2023, and combining that perfect warm, welcoming white with a transformational power like Behr’s Blank Canvas gives endless creative possibilities. They suggest matching it with Even Better Beige or Tranquil grey to create a pleasant, serene, and comforting atmosphere.

Warm Taupe

In addition to brighter colours, 2023 will see a move toward warmer hues. If you aren’t ready to bring deeper, statement colours into your home, opt for mid-tones with grey or neutral undertones. Cozy neutrals, such as Benjamin Moore’s Annapolis grey, add a blush of colour to the space, adding an organic warmth and sense of ease to a home’s palette without being too yellow or saturated.

Muddied Ivory

Paint colour experts predict that in 2023, homes will embrace soothing colours associated with nature and the outdoors. Muddied ivory accomplishes precisely that – displaying nature, neutrality, and calming comfort. According to experts, the muddy ivory tone reflects the desire to replenish the earth in the hopes of a brighter future and adds an earthy feel to any environment.

Dusty Pink

Experts say the surprise colour of the moment is delicate, soft pink. Pink that is beautiful, polished, and understated, with dusty grey overtones, rather than the sugary candy or bubblegum pink. To retain the flow of gentility in your kitchen space, experts recommend pairing it with a delicate off-white on your walls and ceiling.

What colour kitchen cabinets are in for 2023?

Use these popular cabinet colours as inspiration for your own kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Cabinets in Grey

Grey colours are still popular for kitchen cabinetry because of their adaptability and modern appearance. When selecting grey cabinet colours, consider if the undertones are warm or chilly. Grey kitchen cabinets offer a warmer colour temperature that compliments taupe and off-white toned floor tiles.

Grey cabinets are expected to be popular this year, according to trends. Grey has evolved from its original ‘boring’ reputation; contemporary grey tones may be elegant and stylish or subdued and simple to combine with almost any decor type.

Cabinet Colours in Rich Yellow

Yellow cabinet paint colour creates a cheerful, vibrant environment in your kitchen. An appealing vintage atmosphere is created with bright yellow cabinetry coupled with antique pendant lighting and soapstone counters. The bright colour complements the modest cabinetry design and invites visitors into this comfortable cottage kitchen.

Cabinets in Earthy Green

Green cabinets will be popular in 2023, bringing a splash of colour and brightness to any space. This trend is already noticeable – blue-green lakes, deep sage greens, forest greens, you name it! These colours not only offer a gorgeous tone to your area, but they also add a lot of individuality.

You’ll be ahead of the curve and ready when everyone else catches on if you start with green cabinetry today.

Two-Toned Cabinetry

It appears that two-toned cabinets, particularly black and white, will be popular in 2023. There’s something ageless about a black-and-white colour scheme, which has been used for ages in everything from fashion to furniture.

Black and white cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms not only offer a timeless design that will never go out of style, but they also serve as an excellent backdrop for bolder accessories such as colourful splashbacks or unique hardware.

Cabinets made of dark wood

This year, black is making a big comeback, and dark wood cabinets look to be leading the way. They not only provide a sense of refinement, but they may also add a hint of edge and drama. Dark wood cabinets may modernize even the most basic cabinetry, whether utilized as primary storage or as an accent piece in spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens.

The black wood gives any place a rich and elegant appeal by bringing out all of the depth and texture of the wood itself. It’s a great way to incorporate black into any design concept without having a completely black wall or furniture.

What kitchen cabinets are in style for 2023?

Cabinetry is still an essential feature of any kitchen. It significantly affects your kitchen’s overall design style in addition to determining how much storage you have and how you arrange your kitchen essentials.

Take a look at these kitchen cabinet trends that will be popular in 2023.

Dark Stained Wood

Dark stained wood cabinets in the kitchen are making a comeback in 2023. It acts as a counterweight to all of the rich colours in our homes right now, gives a ‘been here forever’ feel, and resonates with our longings for the warmth of our grandparents’ house! 

Two-Toned Cabinetry

Depth, curiosity, and subtle diversity may be added to your kitchen with two-toned cabinetry. They are becoming more popular as homeowners want to personalize their kitchens. Other common options are blue and white, grey and white, and even green and white cabinets.

Warm Tones

It is critical to be able to entertain in your kitchen and to have a location where guests may feel comfortable and calm. Using warm tones and distinct textures to create a particular environment inside your kitchen area is a brilliant approach to do this, which can be accomplished with painted wood cabinetry and old-fashioned knobs in copper or old gold finish metal. A vintage accent, such as a lamp, chairs, or copper pans, will complete the look.”

Colours that Stand Out

Bright yellows, oranges, and reds are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners want to add a splash of colour to their kitchens, according to paint experts. This may be accomplished by using accent cabinets, painting the entire kitchen a vibrant colour, or adding wallpaper to complement the area.

Unique Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen cabinetry hardware that is unique will play an important function in kitchen customization. It may not only make your room distinctive, but it can also emphasize the design style you want. Look for unique hardware in the kitchen, such as red geometric knobs and tortoise pulls.

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