Does your house interior need regular repainting even if it isn’t directly exposed to the elements?

Interior walls and ceilings need to be repainted even if they require less upkeep than your siding or deck.

How often this needs to be done depends on the amount and type of activity you have in your home.

How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

There is no fixed rule for repainting. The lifespan of interior paint work depends mostly on the quality of preparatory work done, as well as the materials and the painting method used.

repaint house interior bcRepainting also depends on several other factors including:

  •    the location of the room
  •    how frequently the room is used
  •    what the room is used for
  •    which surface needs repainting
  •    normal wear and tear

Not all rooms are the same. Some rooms in the house can go for ten years before requiring a repaint job. High activity areas, on the other hand, will undoubtedly need to be repainted every two or three years.

Choices of decor can sometimes call for repainting when you renovate certain rooms more often.

How Often Should Kitchens Be Painted?

Grease splatters, smoke stains, and steam build up on kitchen walls over time.

Your kitchen should have a fresh coat every four to five years to get rid of accumulated odors and stains. Don’t forget to clean up the walls before repainting.

How Often Should Bedrooms be Painted?

It depends on who occupies the room. The main bedroom and guest room may only need repainting every decade. A splash of new colour, however, is an inexpensive way to provide a fresh look to your sleeping area.

Paint your children’s room as soon as they’re old enough to understand that they shouldn’t draw on walls.

How Often Should Hallways be Painted?

Since most home traffic occurs in hallways and corridors, they are usually prone to scratches and scuff marks. Paint these areas every two to three years to give them a fresh and clean appearance.

How Often Should Ceilings be Painted?

Ceilings normally do not need repainting unless water or mold damage is present. However, you can eliminate your ceiling’s discoloration and odor (usually resulting from cigarette smoke) with some repainting work.

If an entire room is repainted, you can match the colour and look of your updated room by applying a new coat of paint on the ceiling.

How Often Should Baseboards and Trim Be Painted?

Like hallways and corridors, baseboards receive the worst impact from foot traffic, toys, vacuums, and heavy furniture. To maintain their look, baseboards should be painted every two to three years.

Door and window trim are generally unreachable and don’t need to be painted as often. However, these areas need to be cleaned occasionally to prevent paint deterioration caused by dust and dirt.

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