What Color Should You Paint Your House To Sell

Choosing the colors that reflect your personality and style is essential when you’re decorating. The same holds true when painting the exterior and interior of your home. However, you might want to consider adjusting your home’s color scheme when it’s time to put it on the market. After all, potential home buyers might not share your taste in color. The wrong choice of paint color will affect the value of even the most luxurious home.

You might want to consider using refreshing color designs that appeal to a wider market. This helps prospective buyers visualize the things they could do to personalize their space. Pick the colors that will give the space a brighter and more roomy appearance.

Colors that create a great first impression to buyers

Best Colours to paint house interior to sell

The best colours to paint the interior of a house to sell are neutral colors to create a blank canvas where the buyer can picture themselves living there. Remember that neutral shouldn’t be boring.


Bright harsh white creates a clinical and sterile atmosphere. Pick out something with subdued undertones if you must go with an all-white palette.

Off-whites with strong yellow undertones can feel outdated. Soft cream in some areas can work, depending on the right lighting. Instead, whites with slight gray or blue undertones are recommended.


Taupe is neutral that adds a touch of color.  Its variety of shades come with different undertones. Add some hint of brown, gray, or even lavender for a classic yet cosmopolitan look.

Light gray

Colors like beige or white aren’t always the best options to highlight your home’s prominent attributes. Beige is a very warm color, but people lean towards cooler colors these days.

Gray is an excellent alternative to beige. Gray exudes cooler tones and brings a calming and relaxing effect. A light gray color can showcase a room by giving it a clear and glowing appearance.

Best Colour to Paint Exterior House For Sale

The best colours to paint the exterior of your house for sale are grey, greige and blue. The first thing to attract buyer attention is your home’s exterior. If the exterior shows signs of age and wear, you’ll need to paint it before you can sell it.


Gray has become a popular color for both interiors and exteriors for its versatility. It goes well with a variety of house styles, from classic to contemporary, as well as with stone and other natural elements.


Greige is a combination of gray and beige, which is more stimulating than either color would be by itself. It is both classic and trendy at the same time, making it popular among buyers.


Darker shades of blue look great on most house exteriors, while a lighter shade creates a laid back, beachy atmosphere.

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