Cost To Paint Exterior of a House in Vancouver

The average cost of exterior painting in Vancouver is $7,000 but the cost depends on how big the house is, how much and what kind of trim it has, how many doors it has, how much prep is required, if you’ll be painting over a lighter colour and the quality of the paint you use. surrounding cities like

Professional exterior painters in Metro Vancouver and throughout Lower Mainland in cities like Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge etc… typically divide the exterior paint job pricing into 3 different items: Siding, Trim and Doors each with different pricing methods.

Cost to paint exterior siding in Vancouver

Siding is often priced in 100 square foot blocks. In the lower mainland painting house siding cost $90-$120/100 square feet which would include the surface prep, primer coat, two coats of paint, and the paint cost itself.

Cost to paint exterior trim in Vancouver

Trim such as facia and bottom trim is typically priced by linear foot, in the lower mainland exterior trim painting costs around $2-$3/linear foot with peaks costing a bit more.

Cost to paint exterior doors in Vancouver

Doors are often priced at a flat rate, so bigger entry doors might cost $175 – $225 each, regular side and back doors at $125-$175/door.

So if you had 2500 square foot, two story, 3 bedroom simpler architectural home with standard facia, trim, windows, one main entrance door, with standard prep and quality exterior pain you could expect to pay between $6500-$7500.

But a newer 2500 square foot, two story, home with lots of curves and more intricate architectural features such as lots of roof peaks might cost $7000-$8000.

Factors affecting exterior house painting costs in Vancouver

Several factors should be considered when preparing your budget for painting your Vancouver home. Here are several factors affecting the cost of painting your home’s exterior.

  • The size of your house. This includes the total square footage to be painted, the number of stories and the accessibility to your home. The number of doors and windows and how many garage doors.
  • The complexity of the architecture. The more architectural features such as dormer windows, roof peaks etc… a house has the more it will cost.
  • The cost of labor and materials in your area. This includes painting supplies, primer, rentals, ladders, and other necessities.
  • Preparatory work. This includes preparing, repairing, cleaning and priming surfaces.
  • Time of the year. Due to the Lower Mainland’s more temperate climate exterior painting season ranges from late spring to fall with optimum temperature between 10-25 degrees Celsius.
  • Paint type, colour, and quality. A glossy finish will usually cost more, as well as paint colour that will need multiple coatings. Higher quality paint will cost more but will typically last longer.
  • A lighter choice of colour than the previous paint job will require more primer.
  • Experience of Paint Crew/Painting Contractor factors into the cost of painting a house in Vancouver as well. The old saying your get what you pay for rings true for exterior painting as well.

Contact a reputable local Vancouver painting contractor

To get the most of exterior house painting costs, it’s best to hire a reputable local painting contractor to ensure a quality paint job that will last. Contact Tall Guy Painting to schedule an estimate. From there, we can help you determine your home exterior’s painting needs, as well as your preferences and expectations.

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