How Long Does Exterior Paint Last in Vancouver

Many professional house painters in Vancouver don’t offer any exterior paint guarantee, others provide a two-year guarantee for their exterior paint jobs. Some painting companies are confident their paint jobs will have a 10 or more year life span, others will tell you it will last less… so what’s the answer:

How long should you expect exterior painting to last in Vancouver? A basic exterior paint job in Vancouver using acrylic paint will last an average of five to ten years when applied properly. Latex and oil-based paints have a shorter life span.

Numerous variables must be considered when getting an estimate for a home painting project.  Some of these factors can cut short an exterior painting’s life, which will eventually call for a new paint job. You can avoid some of them but others you can’t control.

Factors you can control

Paint colour

Darker colors fade faster as they take in more sunlight. Dark paint on the sunny side of a house might need to be repainted every three to five years.

Curing time

Exterior paint needs to be thoroughly dried. A dry exterior surface doesn’t mean a paint’s curing process is finished. Exterior home painting should be done with at least 12 hours of sun. While many latex and acrylic paints need four to six hours drying time, the ideal curing time should be 24 hours. Oil-based paints may take longer to cure.

Materials and techniques used

Using the best materials is the greatest investment to get the most out of your painting project. Paint, primer, and caulking must specifically be of excellent quality and made for exterior use.

An exterior painting job can achieve a longer lifespan by using the right techniques. Start with the overhangs at the top, and work your way down. This technique prevents paint from trickling down on areas already painted.

Painting preparation

Old paint can flake over time and affect new coats of paint. Improperly prepared exterior walls can cause paint to peel prematurely.

Scraping down as much of the old paint as possible will clear the surface of chipped or flaked fragments. Sanding creates a smooth surface for better paint adhesion.

Factors you can’t control

Location and weather conditions

Paint will age much slower in an arid environment than in a humid one. A location in a rain-prone area such as Vancouver or a location in close proximity to the sea can cause a paint job to chip, peel, or fade faster than areas that get less rain or are not by the sea. Paint job will last much longer in regions with warm weather during the year than in regions with heavy snows, violent storms, or harsh temperature changes.


While it won’t likely chip the paint by itself, long-term exposure to sunlight will cause the paint to fade.

Surface to be painted

Wood surfaces in comparison to other siding materials degrade the fastest, with brick or stucco next. With expert application, paint can stay on for 20 years on aluminum and vinyl siding

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