Painting is the simplest and most cost-effective improvement you can do to your home before selling it. It’s a fairly economical way to breathe life and luster to what could be a boring space. What’s more, painting can update a home and increase its resale value when it’s time to sell.

How much does painting your house increase value? A quality paint job can add 5% or more to the sale price. According to some experts, paint can add up to 200 percent or even more of the painting expense to your asking price.

The more expensive the real estate market is that you are selling your home in the more you have to gain from painting.

How Painting Adds Value to a Home

Painting your home increases its worth at resale provided the paint job is of acceptable quality. Uneven finish, brush marks, as well as paint drips and streaks will diminish your home’s visual appeal and possibly lower its value. Superior quality painting projects raise the value of a home. Make sure that your home’s interior and exterior paint jobs are done with care by a pro to achieve excellent results.

Painting Your Home Adds Curb appeal

Curb appeal quickly provides prospective home buyers a favorable first impression. A well-painted home exterior can significantly raise your house’s current market value..

If you can’t afford to paint the entire house or don’t have the time for a painting project, you can add curb appeal to your home exterior by painting the window sills, trim, and gutters… or even adding a trendy pop of colour and style by painting your entrance door. Just make sure to get the color right as the wrong door colour choice can work against you.

How Much Does Painting Your Home’s Interior Increase Value?

Painting your home’s interior can increase its resale value by 5% when it’s time to sell if the right colour is chosen.

What colours increase your home’s resale value the most? Neutral paint colours for interior walls is increase value the most. Neutral colors like white, cream, beige, and tan provide homebuyers a blank canvas of design possibilities.

A freshly painted interior covers up scratches, smudges, and dents that have accumulated on walls and doors over time. If the paint gives the impression that your home needs repair, putting on a fresh coat will add that “wow” factor before your home hits the market.

Painting Your House Increases the Changes of it Getting Noticed in a Competitive Market

A fresh coat of paint will make your home get noticed in the market. A quality paint job will help your house rise above the competition who maybe as not chosen to paint. Even simply sanding and painting timber floorboards can yield some excellent results by creating an appealing, contemporary look without too much renovation costs.

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