Cost of Exterior Painting in Canada

The average cost of painting a home’s exterior in Canada is estimated to be about CAD 3,200 according to Homeguide but can vary greatly. In some cities with a higher cost of living, Canadian homeowners may pay up to $7,000-$8,000+ for a quality exterior paint job.

Here’s how to develop a budget for exterior painting in Canada.  

Factors Affecting Exterior House Painting Costs 

Many different things affect what you end up spending on your exterior painting, including: 

  • The size and age of your house 
  • The type and extent of prep work needed  
  • What materials and areas need paint 
  • Type of building  
  • Time of year 
  • Cost of paint and other materials 
  • Colour of paint you use 

A painting contractor will assess each aspect of a job during the initial consultation and then give you an estimate. 

Cost Breakdown of Exterior Painting in Canada 

Here are some more details about the costs of painting your house that you should consider when establishing a budget.

Specialized Equipment

Extra equipment like additional scaffolding or boom lifts will be needed for larger than average houses and will be included in your overall expenses.


With contractor fees averaging between $30 to $40 per hour (higher in bigger cities), two painters who take about 36 hours to prepare and paint a 1,800-square foot home exterior will total $1,080 to $1,260 in labour costs.

Paint and Materials

Every 100-square feet of surface area will consume roughly a gallon of paint. Your 1,800-square foot house will require 18 gallons of paint and bring your paint cost to between $380 and $1,260, depending on the quality of paint used.

Scraping old paint, power washing, repairing holes, sanding and priming all ensure the paint will bind strongly to the surface.  

Doors and Trim

Trim costs about $1-$3 per linear foot to paint. Painting exterior doors costs between $90 and $225 per door depending on the amount of materials, prepping and repair needed.

Type of Siding 

Some types of siding require more prepping and priming, which can affect the cost.  


Expect to pay $34 per 100-square-feet for spray painting. Brush and roller painting will cost $43 per 100-square feet. 


Spray painting brick costs $18 per 100-square feet, $30 per 100-square feet for brush painting and $52 per 100-square feet for roller painting. 


For spray painting, you’ll pay $25 per square foot. Roller painting will cost $55 per 100-square feet, while brush painting will cost $112 per square foot. 


Brush and roller painting will cost $43 per 100-square feet, while spray painting will cost $34 per 100-square feet. 

Metal / Aluminium 

Brush and roller painting for metal siding costs $29 per 100-square feet.

Contact a Reputable Painting Contractor for a Quote 

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