Trending Colours for House Exteriors 2022

Repainting your home’s exterior this year? It’s a good idea to check expert forecasts to see what paint colours are suggested to help improve your curb appeal. For 2022, the top exterior paint colour trends are mostly in three categories: creamy neutrals, moody blues, and soft greens. Read on to find out which popular paint brands and colours can make your house exterior look beautiful this year.

Rich, Warm Neutrals

Neutral hues are classic picks for exterior painting, but for 2022, trendy neutral colour schemes are on the creamy, off-white side. They’re a happy middle ground between common beige and blindingly bright white. The best part is, these up-to-date colours are as timeless as ever, and with the help of professional painters, your home’s facade can remain gorgeous for years.

Neutral Exterior Colours for 2022:

  • Sherwin-Williams 7012 “Creamy” – A warm off-white shade with yellow and beige undertones
  • Benjamin Moore 966 “Natural Linen” – A super-light sandy shade with pink and yellow undertones
  • Dulux 1207-1 “Candlelit Beige” – An extremely pale, almost-white yellow
  • Cloverdale 03000 “Ivory Parchment” – An ivory shade with pinkish-yellow undertones.

Moody Blacks and Blues

On the other end of the spectrum, cooler, darker colours like charcoal and navy blue are also becoming a top paint trend for home exteriors. This is perfect for homeowners who want to boldly stand out while staying elegant in their exterior design. Just remember that dark exterior paints may fade faster under the sun, so it’s best to have the painting done by professionals.

Dark Exterior Colours for 2022:

  • Benjamin Moore AF-565 “Mysterious” – A deep denim blue that can be used as a black or a navy blue
  • Sherwin-Williams 7048 “Urbane Bronze” – A dark grey with brown undertones (may look brown or black depending on the light)
  • Dulux 1011-7 “Onyx” – A deep charcoal shade that can also act as a black colour
  • Cloverdale 0648 “Happy Tune” – A solid greyish-blue with just the slightest green undertone.

Calm, Peaceful Greens

Soft, almost pastel, green hues are huge in 2022, thanks to Colour of the Year 2022 predictions. At least four paint brands – Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Dulux – chose some shade of green as their top pick for 2022, inspiring many homeowners to repaint their houses with a serene and nature-inspired colour palette.

Top Green Colours for 2022:

  • Dulux Colour of the Year 2022: 1125-4 “Olive Sprig” – A soft, organic green almost exactly like the colour of olive or eucalyptus leaves
  • Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2022: “October Mist” 1495 – A silvery green that also works as a gray
  • Behr Colour of the Year 2022: “Breezeway” MQ3-21 – A brighter, icier green that looks like a light mint shade
  • Sherwin-Williams Colour of the Year 2022: 9130 “Evergreen Fog” – A medium gray with lots of green undertones.

If you like these top exterior colors for 2022, reach out to a professional painter in your area to discuss the best palette for your home’s outdoor painting.

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