How to Decide on Colours for Interior Paint

A fresh coat of paint for your house interior breathes new life into your living area! But with so many paint colour options available, picking the ideal shade or colour scheme can seem difficult. The following tips from our Vancouver painters will help you choose the ideal paint colour based on your space, fabric patterns, lighting, and more.

Simple is best

Not every area in your home should have a different colour when you choose your shade of wall paint – on the contrary, actually. Many interior designers and decorators choose a select few interior colours to bring out the desired mood, and then they use those colours all through the home. This helps you avoid colour clashes and gives the project a consistent look from room to room, making it seem like one cohesive whole.

Think About the Room’s Purpose

Knowing the purpose of the room might help you choose colours for the space. Do you wish to enlarge the appearance of a dining room? For the best play of light and reflections, paint the walls a neutral colour like white or beige. Do you host gatherings in the living room? To create a stimulating atmosphere, use strong hues like a brilliant orange or candy red. Cool tones of blue, purple, and green lets you create a relaxing environment to unwind after a busy day.

Try Different Shades of Your Favorite Colour

When painting the interior of your home, don’t be scared to draw inspiration from your favorite colour. Use a monochromatic design to give your space some variation if, for instance, your favorite colour is green but you’re scared it might make your room feel small or you won’t enjoy it in the future. Many people who favor dark painted walls reduce this strong impact with a softer hue for the trim. If  bright orange or yellow is the colour you really want, employ it in a less-used space or mellow it with contrasting furnishings.

Use Existing Decor as Inspiration

Use current items as inspiration for wall colour choices rather than picking paint colours and then buying furniture and décor to match! In addition to making your space appear more coherent, choosing a colour from your favorite patterned rug or pillow will also spare you the hassle of trying to find decor that matches your new paint colour.

Think About How Much Natural Light is Available

The colour of paint you choose can be strongly influenced by how much light a space receives. The lavender colour you used in the kitchen could look stunning during daylight, but at night it might appear grayish. This is caused by what is known as the temperature of light. Different light temperatures bring out undertones of a colour we might not notice while looking at paint samples in a store. Test a small wall section using the desired colour and then examine it at various times of the day to make sure you like it.

Test Out the Newest Colour Trend

Unsure of where to begin when selecting colours? See what hues are popular right now. Every year, Pantone releases a new “Colour of the Year,” which can be a stylish addition to the decor of your home. Additionally, you can ask paint suppliers and interior decorators what their current go-to hues or tones are for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas.

Consult a Paint Colour Expert

A professional colour consultant can guide you if you want to change your colour scheme and are unsure of the best interior paint colours to use. A colour consultant can offer you sample paint colour suggestions or even a personalized colour scheme for your home.

Gather concepts and examples to share with your colour consultant before your appointment so they can see what you have in mind. To further understand the issues that natural lighting poses for your space, ask your consultant if they can visit at a specific time. If a colour consultant proposes changing your lighting to address colour issues in the room, don’t be surprised.

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