Trending Colours for House Interiors in 2022

This year’s top colours for home interiors are cheerful yet serene, and nature-inspired while also appearing sophisticated. From sky blues to soft greens to sunny yellows, these shades bring vibrance to your rooms without overwhelming them with brightness. They’re also versatile enough to serve as a canvas to your preferred decor style. Take a look at the freshest paint colours for your home interiors in 2022, as forecasted by experts and industry trends.

Muted, Organic Greens

Let’s start this list with the colour group that’s most favoured as Colour of the Year. Paint brands Behr, Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Sherwin-Williams all picked some shade of green as their Colour of the Year 2022. These hues are softer and more muted than the usual leafy greens, and they’re perfect as a predominant wall colour if you want a soothing ambiance in your home.

Top Green Paint Colours for Home Interiors 2022:

  • Behr Colour of the Year 2022: “Breezeway” – A pale icy green with silvery-blue undertones
  • Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2022: “October Mist” – A sage hue that can also work as a light gray
  • Dulux Colour of the Year 2022: “Olive Sprig” – Exactly as the name implies, it’s a pastel-like green akin to the colour of olives or eucalyptus leaves
  • Sherwin-Williams Colour of the Year 2022: “Evergreen Fog” – A grey-green hue that’s slightly darker and more solid than the other greens on this list.

Citrus Yellows

Yellow tones uplift a room, which is likely why they’re emerging as a colour of choice after dreary pandemic lockdowns. The yellow hues of 2022 range from soft buttery shades to bold and bright chartreuse, so you’ll want to really fine-tune your paint palette from this color group. When in doubt, ask for a paint professional’s help!

Trending Yellow Paint Colours for Home Interiors 2022:

  • Cloverdale Paint “Martica” – A light yellow with beige undertones, this is the shade for you if you want to try a cheery colour without straying too far away from neutrals
  • Farrow & Ball “Babouche” – A rich, bold yellow inspired by sunshine-filled rooms
  • Sherwin-Williams “Funky Yellow” – A butter-yellow hue with just a hint of a neutral undertone
  • Dulux “Yellow Cornflower” – An orangey-yellow that can complement a room with earthy neutral colours.

Calm Blues

In previous seasons, dark moody blues like navy dominated interior design. Now, the fresh take is all about tranquil, reliable blue shades that are neither dark nor crayola-bright. These can range from powdery sky-blue to solid denim blues. They can work well as wall colours but are especially gorgeous as accent colors on cabinetry, doors, and accent walls.

Beautiful Blue Paint Colours for Home Interiors 2022:

  • Benjamin Moore “Quiet Moments” – A pastel combination of blue, green, and gray, resulting in a highly versatile and calming wall colour
  • Cloverdale Paint “Madonna Blue” – A denim blue with a hint of indigo, which can work as both a solid accent colour and a peaceful base colour
  • Dulux “Bright Skies” – A muted sky-blue that belongs in a cool, airy colour palette
  • Sherwin-Williams “Frank Blue” – As “true blue” as they come, this paint colour is a solid cobalt shade that can provide a crisp contrast to whites and neutrals.

Warm, Earthy Neutrals

If you want to refresh your home interiors but prefer a timeless neutral colour scheme, you’ll like the updated neutrals of 2022. They’re more towards the creamy, cosy spectrum rather than the cool, shaded greys. These shades include sandy beige, ivory, wheat, and oatmeal. You can use an all-neutral colour palette for an incredibly relaxing bedroom or living room, or you can accent it with a more trendy color from this list.

On-trend Neutral Paints for Home Interiors 2022:

  • Benjamin Moore “Collector’s Item” – Off-white with a subtle tinge of pink, perfect if you want to veer away from yellowish neutrals
  • Cloverdale Paint “Turkscap” – A pale peach hue that’s more solid than ivory but works well as a neutral wall colour
  • Dulux “Lotus Petal” – A shade of ivory with the slightest hint of beige
  • Sherwin-Williams “Paperwhite” – A shade of white with pinkish-yellow undertones, making it creamy rather than crisp.

Earth Tones

Colours taken from nature have been on-trend for a while, and they remain big in 2022. Specifically, desert-inspired shades like earthy browns, burnt reds, terra cotta, and dusky yellows are showing up in the trendiest interiors of Instagram and Pinterest. These colours are fantastic if you want a more rustic personality for your home, or if you just want rich, cosy colours to lounge in.

Earthy Paint Colours for Home Interiors 2022:

  • Benjamin Moore “Wild Flower” – An old-rose shade with a hint of orange, which is gorgeous as a wall colour for bedrooms, bathrooms, and mantels
  • Cloverdale Paint “Autumn’s Hill” – A dusty reddish-brown that beautifully pairs with warm neutrals
  • Dulux “Ancient Copper” – A cinnamon shade that would make a solid yet warm colour for kitchens and living rooms
  • Sherwin-Williams “Eye Catching” – Part golden brown and part mustard yellow, this hue makes for a folksy, joyful wall colour or accent shade.

Did you feel drawn to any of these trending paint colours for home interiors? If you’re interested in repainting your indoors with fresh new colours, consult a reliable professional painting for your most ideal palette and paint job.

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