Whether they’re used as a production area or storage space, most warehouses aren’t typically noticed for their aesthetics. Rarely seen by clients, some company owners choose to skimp on time and expenses to get their warehouse painted.

Smart companies know that creating a comfortable, attractive environment for clients and staff is important. The better the impression, the more likely it is that clients would be inclined to do business.

Whatever it is used for, picking out the right colour for your warehouse can be a little touch that makes a big difference to your day-to-day work.

Here are some reasons why you should have that much-overlooked warehouse painted (or repainted).

Warehouse Painter Greater VancouverDon’t Skip Maintenance

Warehouse painting or repainting is necessary for safety and functionality.

Harsh chemicals cause paint to fade over time, or forklifts may dent and damage warehouse walls. An unpainted warehouse will make those faded paint and dents more evident.

Aim for a Bright Environment 

Walls with brighter colours tend to put people in a lighter and more energetic state. What’s more, a brighter colour will naturally lighten the surroundings and cut down the need for extra lighting.

Old Paint Poses a Health Risk

Chemicals like lead could linger in the environment if walls are not maintained and painted regularly.  Older paint may contain lead traces. Prolonged exposure to leaded paint can result in serious, and even fatal, health problems.

Paint Colours for Warehouse Walls 

What types of paint colours fit a warehouse atmosphere? This depends on how the space is used.

If the warehouse is used for storage, you’ll want to give it a feel of a bright, clean and open space. White or off-white is an excellent choice in this case, particularly if used with other neutrals like light browns or tans.

For warehouses with a lot of worker traffic, brighter colours can help keep spirits high. Red is a favorite colour, and may be used sparingly in spaces that require plenty of attention. Red is noted for stimulating people to get busy and may actually enhance warehouse functionality.

Green and blue are other outstanding colour options as they create a more calming effect than red.

Warehouse Colours that Last Longer

Certain paint colours can last longer before a touch-up is required. Light colours such as white and yellow are likely to catch dirt faster than more saturated colours. For this reason, they are a smarter choice for use in storage spaces than in areas with a lot of worker activities.

Alternatively, blues, deeper greens, and even browns are inclined to last longer without having to be repainted.

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