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The success of your exterior painting project depends on several things, where weather and climate play a big role. Since you can’t change that to suit your schedule, it’s a good idea to adjust your work around weather conditions for best results.

Professional house painters can help to make sure that your exterior is prepped well ahead of time, and looks great for years to come.

Man painting a brick wall in redTemperature and Moisture Affect the Rate that Paint Dries

Weather is a deciding factor when you need to get exterior painting done. You most likely don’t want to paint your house in the rain, or when the temperature outside is very hot or cold.

In addition, paint can dry unevenly, show brush marks on the paint as it dries, or result in clumps during extremes in temperature.

Humidity is a factor that is often overlooked because it isn’t as obvious as rain or snow. Wood, mortar, and other porous materials can get damp because of humidity, even if your house may appear dry from the outside.

Choose the Right Time of Year

The Lower Mainland is notoriously wet throughout the year, with the driest month being July. But the moderate climate lends itself to favourable painting seasons through the late spring, summer, and early fall.

But planning for the weather takes more than just working during clear sunny days. See to it that the days are dry before and after painting work, and your painted surfaces don’t get rained on during the drying stage.

Although exterior painting may be done until December in Vancouver, it may only be possible until October in other areas.

Plan Ahead, But Be Flexible

It pays to have everything ironed out before painting begins. Schedule your exterior painting during a week that you can be reasonably sure it’s warm and dry.

When you schedule your exterior painting well ahead of time with a professional painter, they can take the necessary steps to time the painting for optimal results.

exterior house paint paletteWhat is the Best Time of Year to Paint a House Exterior in Vancouver?

Your window of time should be in temperatures that don’t vary excessively from day to night, as fluctuating temperatures can affect paint curing. In most cases, the best times for painting are early summer and early fall where rain and temperature variations are minimal.

Use Quality Products

The primer and paint you use will do the heavy work. For this reason, you want to choose products that can withstand any weather condition and will last many years.

Hire a Local Expert  

Does your house need a coat of paint?

We can help you make the right decisions, from choosing quality paint to scheduling for the best time of year. We’ll stay with the entire project until you’re completely satisfied with our work.

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