What Factors Influence the Cost of House Painting?

Homeowners looking to get their home painted by a professional should consider the following as they work out their budget. 


Geography influences almost everything economically, and painting is no exception. Labour, equipment and materials are typically more costly in urban areas. 

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The Age of Your House

You might think that a newer house would be more expensive to paint, but older properties may require more in the way of prepping and detail work. Check older homes for maintenance problems and consider renovating before finalizing the work with a fresh coat of paint. 

Exterior Features 

For exterior painting, professionals often will base their quote specifically on siding, trim and doors. 

If a house has intricate or special architectural features, it will most likely run up labour and material costs. 

The Size of the House

The total area to be painted, the number of doors and windows, and the number of stories can all impact labour and paint costs. 

The Quality and Colour of Paint  

High-quality paints cost more while mid-line brands may suit you better if you’re on a budget. Bear in mind, however, that you always get your money’s worth in the long run by investing on top of the line paint brands. 

Using a lighter paint colour than the existing paint will require additional coats of primer.

The Amount of Prep Work Required    

House painting also requires a great deal of prep work that includes surface repair, cleaning and priming. Less prep work equates to more savings. 

The Type of Existing Paint  

If the existing wall paint is still in good condition, applying paint over the finish can be done with minimal prep work. Latex paint on the wall will save money since new paint can be directly applied over it. 

In contrast, oil-based paint costs more because an overlay of oil-based primer is required before new paint can be applied. 

Drywall vs. Plaster

Drywall has a smooth flat surface that’s easier to work with and paint on. That being said, painting on drywall will cost less than painting on plaster.

Contact a Reliable Vancouver Company for Exterior and Interior Paint Jobs

An excellent interior and exterior paint job is a long-term investment. If you live in the greater Vancouver area ensure your budget goes a long way, invest in the quality work of a Lower Mainland painting contractor.  

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