Enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Simple touches like adding a few flowers or replacing an old door can make for a huge improvement.

And if you want to create something really eye-catching, repainting your house’s exterior is one of your most effective and affordable options. 

Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Repainting 

Your house may need exterior repainting if:

  • You see cracking, flaking or peeling paint
  • Paint looks faded or chalky-looking 
  • It’s been 5-10 years since the last paint job 
  • You want a fresh look 
  • You want to improve your home’s curb appeal

Painting the exterior of your house can be a tough job, and may even be a safety risk. 

Why not save yourself the headache and leave it to the professionals? 

Factors that can Affect the Life of a Paint Job 

Some paint jobs last longer than others for various reasons — here are a few.

1) Location and Climate 

Your house’s exterior paint colour can fade faster if you live in a warm and sunny region. Constant sun exposure can damage paint and make dark colours turn lighter. 

If you live near the ocean, your beach house is continually exposed to sand and the salty sea air, which can also wear paint away.

Repainting can be far between if you live in a colder climate. Snow and bitter winters, however, can cause paint to lose its sheen. 

If your house is in a moderate climate with no extreme weather factors, we recommend repainting every five to seven years. 

2) Maintenance 

A paint job can last longer with preventive maintenance and minor repairs.  

Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, specifically those caused by:

  •    dampness
  •    mold
  •    chalkiness
  •    rot
  •    insect or rodent infestation 

If you see signs of disrepair, act on them as soon as possible to keep your house safe and free of contaminants. 

Apart from that, regular maintenance like washing moss and dirt off your home’s exterior surface will help your exterior last longer. 

3) The Quality of Your Last Paint Job  

Was your previous do-it-yourself painting project a complete failure? Did the painting contractor deliver a shoddy job? 

If previous paint coatings failed to adhere correctly on your home’s exterior, then repainting is in order. Preparing the surface properly, using quality materials, and the right paint application all add to a beautiful finish and long-lasting protection to your house exterior. 

A professional painter will take the extra steps to ensure longevity. 

Hire a Professional Painter Today

If you live in Vancouver BC or the Lower Mainland of BC and your house needs a do-over, it just makes sense to hire a professional paint contractor for beautiful and lasting results. 

Our experts offer affordable rates for home exterior and interior painting jobs. 

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