Surface Preparation for Exterior House Painting in Vancouver

It takes more than just picking the proper paint color and texture to paint your house. To ensure that the surfaces outside your house accept their new coat, proper surface preparation is essential. Without it, the paint may begin to blister and peel shortly after application. Therefore, the durability of a new exterior surface depends on proper surface preparation before painting.

Before You Get Started

Prior to beginning the project, check the weather outlook. A painting day can be interrupted abruptly by rain or strong winds, ruining the paint that has already been applied. Although exterior latex dries quickly, it needs time to fully dry before being exposed to rain. You must give oil-based paint time to cure; follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can start painting when the temperature is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Blistering can happen on a freshly painted, uncured surface after heavy rain or high humidity.

Getting Your House Exterior Prepared for Painting

The surface preparation procedure aims to find and fix existing damage, reduce future degradation, and safeguard your house against air leaks and water incursion. It also provides the groundwork for stunning finishes. Preparing the painting surface includes:

Pressure washing the exterior of your home

For a quality paint job, the surface must be clean. Power washing clears the house of any accumulated filth and biological growth (mold, mildew, algae, etc.) so that fresh primer and paint can apply properly.

Getting Rid of Loose Paint

Use a wire brush or scraping instrument to remove flaking, loose paint as well as paint in places that you are aware are prone to peeling or bubbles. Paint that the washer missed should be scraped. If the old paint is still intact, scraping down to the bare wood is not required. Instead, sand it first before painting over.

Replacing rotten or damaged wood

Locating and repairing any rotten or damaged wood to make sure the structure of the house is sound.

Repairing Surface Flaws 

Use a surface repair product approved for outdoor use to fix any surface faults. Sand after the surface has dried.


Sanding scraped areas will make them look better and prevent paint edges from peeling.


Apply new, high-quality caulks or sealants in place of outdated or damaged ones. Use paintable exterior caulk to re-caulk around window sills, door trim, and other areas that need to be sealed to keep water and drafts out.

Repairing and Re-puttying Windows

To stabilize window glass, replace any glazing or putty that has worn out. Apply fresh glazing after removing the old putty. Before painting, make sure it is dry.

Using Drop Cloths for Yard Protection

Protect lawns, decks, flowerbeds, bushes, and walkways using drop cloths. Shrubs should be gently secured and covered to avoid rubbing against recently painted walls.

Priming Bare Wood

Prime bare wood and any area where you’ve made some repairs.

Applying Paint Primer

A primer will aid in the adhesion of paint to the surface, resulting in a smoother finish. When applying paint over new or bare wood, or when repainting over dark or bright colors, use a primer.

Call in the experts when necessary

Painting the exterior of your home yourself can be a difficult and labor-intensive DIY undertaking. You risk getting sub-par results if you decide to try to paint the entire outside of your house by yourself. There are also safety risks involved especially if you have a two or three story house. The cost of hiring a professional exterior painting company may not be as much as you think. Professional painters have the necessary equipment, skilled painters, and experience to do the work. There is a difference between a DIY painting project and a paint job carried out by professional painters.

Here are some of the reasons for hiring a professional painter:

  • They deliver high-caliber work
  • Your project is finished on schedule.
  • You save money.
  • No cleanups are necessary
  • Knowledge and experience

You pay a professional Vancouver painting company not just for the high-quality service it delivers, but also for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is in capable hands.

Contact a professional painting contractor in the Greater Vancouver area

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